Network Optimization & Diagnosis

Detect, Diagnose and Resolve Network Problems with a Customer-Centric View

We help clients across the globe see the whole picture when optimizing and maintaining their networks and identifying performance issues. Our network intelligence platform measures the network from the perspective of a subscriber, helping clients prioritize network optimization and maintenance decisions in a cost-effective manner with a view on the end-to-end customer experience this will deliver.

Identifying network configuration issues is crucial to ensuring consistent performance in mobile networks. Whether it be network congestion detection, finding poor/no signal areas inside buildings or identifying overshooting cells, our data provides a wealth of information that will aid in identifying and solving these challenges.

  • Real-time data from real-world users
  • Independently curated telecom network data
  • Over 190 KPIs covering Quality of Service, device, and network infrastructure measurements
  • Unparalleled geographic granularity
  • 18 months of history for longitudinal analysis
  • Intuitive visual analytics platform to analyze billions of data points instantly
  • Online portal access for 24/7 self service
  • Indoor/outdoor classification